03/23/21 11:22
However, the ferrous industry as well as electric power industry is still the main drivers
02/15/21 17:28
The company received certificate of compliance with the technical regulation requirements of the Moldova Republic
12/08/20 20:39
At the end of last month, many enterprises operated at operated in a reduced-power mode
12/04/20 17:22
The problem of freight rail transport was also mentioned during the meeting
11/11/20 16:08
Sales of electricity and ferrous metallurgy products rose
10/20/20 19:01
Production declined by 6.4% compared to August
06/29/20 12:20
Almost all sectors showed recovery growth except chemical, electrical and electricity supply industry
12/23/19 14:22
President signed amendments to Law on Corporate Income Tax
12/14/19 12:38
According to the Prime Minister Alexander Martynov, growth was provided by a number of industries - electricity, construction, engineering
11/14/19 18:58
In the same period of 2018, inflation was to 6%
10/14/19 16:08
In total, over the first 9 months, prices for goods and services increased by 3.5%
10/10/19 12:35
Their main goal is to achieve economic self-sufficiency