For 10 months, prices in the consumer market increased by an average of 4%

11/14/19 18:58

For 10 months, prices in the consumer market increased by an average of 4%

In the same period of 2018, inflation was to 6%

Tiraspol, November 14. / Novosti Pridnestrovia/. According to the state statistics service of the PMR, in January-October 2019, the composite consumer price index formed at the level of 104.1%. For comparison, for 10 months of last year, the inflation rate was fixed at 6%.

In October, the most significant, due to the seasonal impact, vegetables rose in price (+13.4%). Prices for vegetable marrow increased by 50.0%, sweet peppers are more expensive by 36.2%, eggplants by 33.8%, cucumbers by 29%, tomatoes by 16.6%. The cost of potatoes increased slightly by 1.6%.

At the same time, food groups such as pumpkin (-11.5%), cabbage (-10.5%), onions (-1.2%), carrots (-0.9%) and beets (-0.1%) fell in price.

Due to constriction of the proposals on a number of products of animal origin was marked by upward price dynamics. Thus, at the end of October, the cost of meat (+0.6%), fish (+0.5%), dairy (+1.8%) products increased, which in General correlated with the dynamics in the markets of partner countries. At the same time, deflation was observed in a wide range of food products. For the second month in a row, prices for eggs and honey fell-in October by another 1.4% and 0.3%, respectively. Fruits also fell by 2.7%, which was mainly due to a decrease in the cost of pears (-17.5%), apples (-13.0%), lemons (-9.5%).

In the non-food segment, there is a slight reduction in price (about 1%) for such items as perfumes and cosmetics, detergents, computers, building materials, medicines.

Last month, there was an increase in tariffs for services of commercial banks (+0.5%), as well as for medical services (+1.7%) due to the rise in the cost of physiotherapy treatment and procedures (+13.4%). At the same time, there was a decrease in the cost of transport services (-1.0%), caused by a reduction in the price of travel in the reserved seat (-3.5%) and compartment (-3.7%) cars of long-distance trains. In the field of education, due to the growth of tariffs for services in the segment of non-state higher education (+0.6%), there was a weak dynamics (+0.1%). For the rest of the services provided to the population, relative price stability was recorded.

For comparison, the inflation rate in Russia for 10 months of the year was 2.4%, in Belarus-3.9%, in Ukraine-4.2%, in Moldova-5.8%.


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