03/28/23 17:59
Arkady Goncharov from Bendery took part in the competition for the first time
10/17/22 09:30
Natalia Zaitseva together with Egor Kovalev performed at the Burgas Open-2022 tournament
10/06/22 09:56
Tiraspol tennis player won the award in the individual competition
10/03/22 09:43
Svetlana Shepeleva held her "training" run at the Yenikapı Etabı competitions
09/15/22 22:19
Two games with the Spanish Real Sociedad are expecting the Tiraspol team
09/07/22 18:28
Ivan Korshunov, Alexander Bulat, Dmitry Zinchenko, and Nikita Naumchuk competed in doubles
07/27/22 09:11
After their victory over the Slovenian Maribor, the team from Tiraspol is waiting for the game against the Czech Victoria