05/04/23 13:24
The dangerous find was destroyed on the spot
03/09/23 19:00
The crime, at the direction of the Security Service of Ukraine, was being prepared against a number of PMR officials
01/31/23 16:53
The PMR Foreign Minister commented on the military maneuvers in the Republic of Moldova
01/20/23 15:19
The PMR President detailed the goals set for the Ministry of Defense
01/16/23 10:59
The corresponding decree was signed by the President of the PMR
12/26/22 16:39
The Co-Chair of the JCC from Pridnestrovie commented on the fake planted on social networks
12/24/22 13:07
Pumping Moldova up with Western weapons could turn into a disaster, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry
11/10/22 19:19
Moldova’s police officer tried to deliver a cargo of timber from Pridnestrovie, bypassing customs