Moldova conducts exercises with NATO, but against peacekeeping training

05/30/24 15:30

Moldova conducts exercises with NATO, but against peacekeeping training

This position causes bewilderment among the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC

Bendery, May 30. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The regular meeting of the Joint Control Commission was held in Bendery. As follows from the report of the Joint Military Command, the situation in the Security Zone is manageable and controlled, and no preparations are being made for military action.

The delegation of the Republic of Moldova again issued a statement in which it regarded the training of Russian peacekeepers as provocative actions. As Oleg Belyakov, co-chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie, noted, the position of the RM delegation cannot but cause bewilderment.

“The Moldovan side continues to be concerned about the activity of the Peacekeeping Forces of the Russian Federation, which conduct training as part of their scheduled activities. The situation is puzzling when Moldovan military personnel near the Security Zone conduct full-scale military exercises using equipment, weapons, and personnel, but the usual training that Russian military personnel must conduct as part of organizing their work and coordinating the actions of units causes concern on the Moldovan side.”

In particular, Oleg Belyakov noted, in May, 120 paratroopers were dropped in the Vadul-lui-Voda area. The head of the Pridnestrovian delegation emphasized that even if it was about sports jumping, the JCC should have been notified in advance about their holding. However, no notifications were received either to the Joint Military Command or to other bodies of the peacekeeping operation.

“I’m not even talking about the large-scale exercises that took place within NATO, which performed the same functions of landing a large number of military personnel, but in other regions of the Republic of Moldova,” Oleg Belyakov noted. - Any preparation is always fraught with the need to build up a certain military potential in preparation for some real actions. The cast’s speech is not simply trained that way.”

Let us remind you that from May 9 to 16, NATO Swift Response-2024 exercise took place in Moldova. As part of the exercise, airborne landings were carried out from US Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft. The maneuvers involved military personnel of the motorized infantry brigade “Moldova” and the “Molniya” special forces battalion of the National Army of Moldova, as well as the 82nd US Airborne Division.


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