Зона безопасности

05/04/23 13:24
The dangerous find was destroyed on the spot
01/20/22 20:34
Provocations by Moldova are ongoing
11/05/21 19:19
Most often, residents of the republic receive them from Russia, Israel and Germany
09/16/21 18:54
According to Oleg Belyakov, this work should be continued
06/17/21 20:15
At the moment the incident is being investigated
05/20/21 18:35
The Head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC commented on the firing of the Pridnestrovian Border Guard officer`s car
04/15/21 14:50
Currently, according to the head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the Joint Control Commission, 13 cases of abduction have been recorded, numbers of the PMR citizens were managed to return
11/01/20 10:57
On the day of voting at the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova, incidents were documented at selected locations of the Security Zone
10/29/20 14:57
According to the Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie, if the situation in the Security Zone aggravates during the elections in Moldova, the peacekeepers will have to react to this