Pridnestrovie received more than $ 100 million of remittances over 9 months

11/05/21 19:19

Pridnestrovie received more than $ 100 million of remittances over 9 months

Most often, residents of the republic receive them from Russia, Israel and Germany

Bendery, November 5. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Pridnestrovian agricultural producers of Kremenchug village appealed to the Pridnestrovian delegation in the JCC with a complaint about harassment by the customs authorities of Moldova. The fact is that farmers bring their products for sale to Tiraspol through the village of Kopanka, which is under the jurisdiction of Moldova. The customs authorities of the neighboring state periodically set up a post on this road, which requires the accompanying documents of the Republic of Moldova from the Pridnestrovian agrarians and, in their absence, arrests goods and vehicles, and brings manufacturers to administrative responsibility.

“The Moldovan side persistently creates artificial obstacles for the citizens of Pridnestrovie to transport their agricultural products transported through the Security Zone for the purpose of entrepreneurial activity,” the Pridnestrovian delegation said in a statement sent to the Joint Control Commission.

Thus, the delegation of Pridnestrovie believes, the Moldovan side essentially provokes conflict situations in the Security Zone in conditions when the negotiation process is underway to resolve the armed conflict. Moreover, the actions of the Moldovan side violate the procedure adopted back in February 2007 for setting up posts of law enforcement agencies in the Security Zone.

This is not the first time Moldova has taken such actions: complaints from the farmers of Kremenchug about the appearance of customs posts were received by the JCC back in 2019.

The statement notes that there is an impression that by doing so the Moldovan side is trying to provoke Pridnestrovie to retaliate. This development of events is undesirable and does not contribute to the maintenance of stability in the Security Zone.

“The Pridnestrovian delegation appeals to the JCC participants, and first of all to the Moldovan delegation, with a proposal to take measures to stop actions that could lead to an increase in tension in the Security Zone,” the statement says.


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