свобода передвижения

11/24/22 15:31
Previously, administrative obstacles at the Chisinau airport have never led to the disruption of scheduled flights
11/05/21 19:19
Most often, residents of the republic receive them from Russia, Israel and Germany
06/04/21 19:10
Such actions only complicate the situation against the background of accumulated problems in the vehicle registration mechanism
01/21/20 11:45
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR commented on the results of the discriminatory measures of Moldova against Pridnestrovian motorists
01/20/20 15:18
Moldova’s inhumane move, Pridnestrovie`s response, position of international mediators
01/16/20 14:09
About how the Moldovan authorities decided to assert themselves at the expense of Pridnestrovie
01/15/20 14:05
Pridnestrovian experts emphasize that this will have a favorable effect on the railway transport economy
01/14/20 17:32
Thomas Mayr-Harting`s visit is planned for the next week
12/17/19 11:01
Since 4 September such cases have been recorded
11/05/19 20:58
Representatives of the PMR in Bavaria announced models of solutions allowing the participation in international communication
11/05/19 20:42
This issue was discussed at a thematic session of the CBM conference in Bavaria