The President held a meeting of the PMR Security Council

01/14/20 20:25

The President held a meeting of the PMR Security Council

The main issue included to the agenda of today's meeting of the Pridnestrovian Security Council is the situation that has arisen in connection with the introduction by the Moldovan side of a ban on crossing the Moldovan-Ukrainian border by vehicles with Pridnestrovian license plates or that are driven by citizens with Pridnestrovian type of driver’s licenses.

Members of the Security Council listened to the report of the Minister of PMR Foreign Affairs on the situation in the negotiation process with Moldova in the context of pressure measures on the Pridnestrovian side. Vitaly Ignatiev said that Chisinau’s unilateral actions did not begin yesterday: after the positive dynamics in the negotiations and the achievement of a number of agreements in 2017-2018, in the summer of 2019 the situation noticeably worsened. The toughening is systematic, and new areas are under pressure, the head of the foreign ministry emphasized. Vitaly Ignatiev said that today he turned to the Moldovan side for explanations on a number of pressing issues, including transport issues. The answer, according to the PMR Minister of Foreign Affairs, was an indistinct reference to the 2010 decisions, which Moldova allegedly just started to implement. No documented argumentation of the measures taken by the Moldavian side is presented. In fact, it was only a violation by the Republic of Moldova of the 2001 agreements on the mutual recognition of documents, principles of the negotiation process as a whole and the decisions reflected in the three protocols - Berlin, Vienna and Rome, which stated the rejection of any restrictions in the negotiations.

In the course of the meeting of the Security Council, they talked about restrictive measures related to the refusal to issue licenses to carriers and certificates. The Pridnestrovian railway is used as a pressure tool. This is a ban on the transportation of fuel along its northern branch. Administrative pressure on citizens of the PMR is exerted at the Kuchurgany checkpoint, as well as at the Chisinau airport, the meeting participants noted. It is noted that the response measures of the Pridnestrovian side, which are politico-diplomatic in nature, are losing effectiveness due to the unability of Chisinau to negotiate.

In the course of the working discussion, the PMR Security Council members discussed various response measures, adoption of which will protect the interests and rights of citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.


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