Special Projects

04/13/22 10:49
Russian General introduced the first Constitution and the principle of power-sharing in the Danube principalities
01/14/22 10:50
On January 15, 1725, the Count Pyotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky was born
05/18/21 11:38
The visit of the Monarch and his family was associated with the next Russian-Turkish war
05/07/21 17:15
The second lieutenant Boris Sergeev`s T-34-85 participated in the Yassy-Kishinev operation and the Battle of Balaton
04/26/21 18:40
History of an unrealized project for the construction of a nuclear power plant on the territory of Pridnestrovie
04/26/21 16:20
At the time of detonation, he was at the Chernobyl nuclear generating plant
02/22/21 16:44
Researchers are trying to determine the origin and purpose of the artifact
11/24/20 19:15
On November 24, 1730, the greatest Russian military leader, who founded the Tiraspol fortress was born
11/02/20 12:20
The first victims of the Moldova-Pridnestrovian conflict appeared 30 years ago
10/14/20 11:42
How the city on bank of the Dniester became the administrative center, who lived in the country town and what tourists wrote about it
03/20/20 14:29
On March 20, 1944, Soviet partisans entered the northern district center of Pridnestrovie
03/05/20 19:20
On March 5, 1944, the Red Army offensive liberated the northern regions of Pridnestrovie from the Romanian-fascist occupation began
02/11/20 13:48
On February 11, 1945, a native of Pridnestrovie saved his comrades with his life and ensured battlefield success