03/17/24 16:42
This is the result of a kamikaze drone attack
10/11/22 14:38
Explosions occurred on the territory of Ukraine, about 3 km from the state border with Pridnestrovie
05/26/22 16:08
It is Ion Lozan. He is a citizen of Moldova, connected with the Republic of Moldova special services
05/04/22 14:49
More than 20 objects were “mined”. Most of them have looked for, there’s no danger
04/27/22 19:21
PMR Investigative Committee opened a criminal case relating to incidents of earlier explosions

Теракт в Тирасполе у здания МГБ 25 апреля

04/26/22 20:46
The highest level of terrorist alert has been declared in Pridnestrovie
04/26/22 09:23
Two cell towers were blown up, no one was hurt
04/25/22 18:42
There were no injuries. The area is cordoned off
12/12/21 13:05
This village in Dubossary Region is temporarily controlled by Moldova, yet many Pridnestrovians live there
06/23/21 18:25
They shouted that there was no such state as Pridnestrovie and demanded that they be allowed to enter Bendery to campaign for unification with Romania