Верховный Совет

02/27/24 12:11
The corresponding changes to the republican budget were adopted in the second reading
02/21/24 17:56
The Speaker of Parliament commented on the decision to convene the VII Congress of Deputies of all levels
01/25/24 13:46
A rally was held at the memorial to those innocently killed during the years of fascist occupation with the participation of the leadership of the Government and the Supreme Council
01/24/24 15:58
Deputies of the PMR Parliament took part in protests against economic pressure from Moldova
01/17/24 13:51
The Supreme Council will make decisions to support the economy
11/22/23 17:56
The bill proposed by the Government was adopted by parliamentarians in final reading
06/14/23 19:45
Amendments to the Criminal Code were adopted in final reading
06/14/23 19:40
The Supreme Council adopted amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses
02/07/23 16:24
Today the document was discussed by the Commission on Foreign Policy of the Supreme Council