02/16/22 17:50
An article about our republic and FC Sheriff was published on the pages of a popular tabloid press
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Дмитрий Родин сидит на камне
06/03/21 09:10
June 3 marks 102 years since the famous sculptor`s birth
04/27/21 13:32
Vadim Krasnoselsky told what the emphasis will be placed on during the events dedicated to May 9
03/19/21 19:29
Representatives of Pridnestrovian travel agencies were the first who visit it
03/10/21 17:24
In the “Junior Variety” nomination, he took the second place, performing jazz and variety music
02/10/21 19:16
The First World War Hero organized Soviet spy network in Bessarabia
12/28/20 14:39
Dmitry Akhmadiev, Victor Klimenko and Lyudmila Maksimova were award-winning