05/14/19 10:58
There will be master classes, quizzes, reconstruction of a historical ball
04/22/19 15:17
Now musicians finish work on the competitive program
04/19/19 19:52
The income generated from its sale will be donated to the construction of the main temple of the Russian Armed Forces in the Patriot park near Moscow
04/18/19 16:51
The State Choir from Tiraspol is applauded not only in the republic, but also in Russia and European countries
04/17/19 20:35
Recently Nastya brought from the international festival «CAIRO MIRAGE» in Moscow, a cup and about ten medals
04/09/19 12:00
Мероприятие организуют по инициативе Президента 29 апреля
04/01/19 14:59
Sophomore won the main prize - a trip to France
03/21/19 15:42
The exhibition will present the best thesis and semester projects, creative works, layouts and drawings of architectural students
03/18/19 16:55
All actors are graduates and friends of the Pridnestrovian State Art Institute. This year it celebrates the 60 anniversary
03/04/19 16:54
You will learn about traditions and celebrations in all republic locations from this article
03/04/19 15:01
The exposition was organized in the foyer of the Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University Cultural and Leisure Center. It will work till March 12