03/10/21 17:24
In the “Junior Variety” nomination, he took the second place, performing jazz and variety music
02/10/21 19:16
The First World War Hero organized Soviet spy network in Bessarabia
12/28/20 14:39
Dmitry Akhmadiev, Victor Klimenko and Lyudmila Maksimova were award-winning
12/28/20 13:54
More than 40 theatre ensembles from the CIS countries took part in the online competition
12/24/20 18:31
The Dubossary music school student wrote her own melody
11/19/20 13:54
Eight more ensembles became the competition winners
11/05/20 14:32
The artist has been creating decorative articles of stone, wood and amber, which are popular all over the world for 22 years
01/30/20 12:18
The first event in Alexander Nevsky Park will be the opening of the annual Mărţişor Art Festival
01/21/20 16:52
35 musicians from Moldova applied to participate in the Europe main song competition