The President held a meeting on the culture and art spheres

02/25/21 15:45

The President held a meeting on the culture and art spheres

The meeting, initiated by the President, dedicated to the state and prospects of the development of the sphere of culture and art of Pridnestrovie, was held in videoconference. Vadim Krasnoselsky invited representatives of the presidential executive office, the PMR Government and specialized State Service, as well as heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic and the Head of the research laboratory of PSU "Archeology" to the working discussion.

The Head of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage made a detailed report on the current state of affairs in this area. She recalled that for 2020 - a two-year anniversary for Pridnestrovians - many traditional and completely new events were planned, but the pandemic already in March froze activities in this direction. For events, we mastered the Internet sites. In this regard, four concerts held in late August - early September in the center of the capital acquired particular value. The cultural sphere begins to revive only now - with the easing of quarantine restrictions, Maria Kyrmyz noted. She informed that practically all institutions returned to their activity - six state and 305 municipal (117 clubs, 40 museums, 124 libraries, 23 organizations of additional education of artistic and aesthetic orientation). In the settlements of the republic, 803 art groups have been created, which employ 9,000 people (299 urban groups and 504 rural). The speaker spoke about the projects implemented by the State Service for culture within the framework of the Year of Health (391 events), as well as under the Equal Opportunities program (196 events, which were attended by 2405 spectators with special opportunities for life). Maria Kyrmyz noted the increased interest of Pridnestrovians in various kinds of online contests due to quarantine circumstances, while emphasizing the high effectiveness of participation.

The Head of the State Service spoke not only about achievements, but also about difficulties. She noted, for example, a serious staff shortage. She focused on the state of the infrastructure. Speaking about what has been done in recent years, Maria Kyrmyz recalled the renovation work and equipment of the Palace of the Republic, the theater named after N. Aronetskaya, the Tiraspol cinema and concert complex and the Vostok cinema in Grigoriopol, the houses of culture, art schools and much more. All facilities of the additional education system are in satisfactory condition. At the same time, the speaker noted, the amount of work required is still very large. More than half of the 116 buildings in which the club-type institutions are located are in need of major repairs, two are in disrepair (the club of the village of Kremenchuk and the House of Culture in the village of Giska), thirty eight buildings have no heat, eight have electricity, fifty three have centralized supply water. The situation is similar in museums: six of them are without electricity, eighteen are without heating, sixteen are without water. Thirty four libraries are also not heated, six objects of the library network do not have lighting. The President, noting that it is impossible to repair and equip everything overnight, stressed that it is impossible to carry out cosmetic repairs: if you commission an object, it must be finalized into shape. Vadim Krasnoselsky, recalling that six houses of culture were included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund in 2020, assured that the state would continue to move in this direction, reconstructing several houses of culture a year. As for the lack of light in institutions, the President instructed to urgently resolve this issue, stressing that we are not talking about unbearable spending.

The restoration of the monuments and graves of the Heroes of the Soviet Union to the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory in proper condition (the former should be assigned to local enterprises and organizations, the latter to the senior grades of schools) is among the presidential instructions. The Head of the State Administration of Bendery was instructed to transform the museum of tragedy in Bendery to the 30th anniversary of the tragic event by June 19, 2022. The public service as a whole is recommended to pay more attention to the socialization of people with special needs. We are talking about both their involvement in public life and the holding of cultural events at the sites of institutions created specifically for citizens with special needs. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that specialized centers are being built and equipped for this category of citizens: over 70 million rubles have been invested in this sphere over several years.

The President spoke about the necessity to creative teams to get out of the premises more often, using park zones as stage venues and stage platforms. Vadim Krasnoselsky also recalled his recommendation to combine theatrical performances with school literature lessons, thereby introducing young people to both reading and theatrical art. The President considers that open areas for such performances are the most optimal. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the topic of replenishing the libraries of the republic. As Maria Kyrmyz noted, the book fund currently amounts to 2,7 million, but it becomes outdated every year. The President instructed to form a comprehensive request for replenishing the fund of public libraries, stressing that a significant amount of new products can and should be printed in the republic. As for purchased publications, Vadim Krasnoselsky sees it expedient to acquire books in the languages ​​of the peoples living in the territory of Pridnestrovie - pointwise, based on the requests of local residents. The application must be clear, indicating the quantity, cost and place of purchase, the President aimed.

Another topic raised by Vadim Krasnoselsky is the intensification of the use of Internet resources by cultural and art institutions.

The future State Museum of History and Local Lore, which is planned to be located in the center of the capital was included to the agenda. The workshop participants discussed the general concept, focused on individual points of the project, talked about the missing components of the general plan. It was decided to continue discussing the project after an exchange of views, suggestions, ideas. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that in general, not only the state administration of Tiraspol and specialized services, but also the heads together with representatives of the museum network of all cities and districts of Pridnestrovie should be involved in the creation of the republican museum.


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