Новости науки.

10/17/23 14:13
The length of the museum quarter is to be more than one and a half kilometers
02/22/21 16:44
Researchers are trying to determine the origin and purpose of the artifact
02/19/20 15:51
Remains aged 500 to 750 thousand years are handed over to the PSU Museum
01/17/20 21:29
At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky set the task to improve control over the implementation of state orders by the research labors
12/10/19 15:05
Scientific performances with many experiments are held for children
10/10/19 18:17
Some of them have already been put into practice
07/02/19 17:14
Archaeologists discovered the bones of a person with traces of a surgical operation in the mound near the village of Glinoe, Slobodzeya region. The age of discovery is more than 4 thousand years old