10/23/19 11:36
PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted the presentation with information on current situation in negotiation process
09/04/19 17:08
Today it is more than a dozen countries, according to the Chamber of Commerce
01/19/19 10:02
More than 793 million PMR rubles of customs fees were recovered to the state income
12/26/18 17:23
Best of all locals are familiar with producers of alcoholic and textile products
12/09/18 10:03
The main export directions are the EU, EEU, Moldova and Ukraine
12/04/18 18:46
Import and export has positive dynamics in this year
07/05/18 11:16
The wages have grown in the private sector predominantly
07/04/17 18:13
The growth is due to an increase in the amount of money in foreign currency
09/20/16 10:50
If the 2006 referendum were held today, the vast majority of citizens would vote for the independence of the PMR and free accession to Russia