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The main export directions are the EU, EEU, Moldova and Ukraine
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Tiraspol, December, 9. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. As "Novosti Pridnestrovya" reported, this year the volume of foreign trade increased approximately by a third. The export indicator intensified significantly: the enterprises of the republic sold 36% more compared with the previous year.  

Metals, hardware, food, fuel, energy goods and also textiles are the basis of the Pridnestrovian export. These products get on the markets to dozens of the countries, mainly to the EU and EAEU and also to neighbouring Moldova and Ukraine.  

In the European Union, the main contractors of Pridnestrovie are Romania, Germany, Italy and Poland. They share more than 80% of all trade deliveries. 

A significant part of metals and hardware comes to the markets of Poland and Romania. Italy, in turn, is the main buyer of textile products. Residents of Germany can estimate the quality of the footwear made in Pridnestrovie. 

Pridnestrovie delivers a wide range of products (from food to the products of chemical, light and mechanical engineering industry) to Russia. 

There aree trade relations also with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Machines and food products are also supplied to the former Soviet republics (to say the truth, in much smaller volumes, than to the Russian Federation). 

Significant articles of the Pridnestrovian export to Ukraine are products from metals, food, textiles and mineral products. To Moldova, the Republic sells practically all kinds of export goods, but mostly fuel and energy goods (an editor's note - the electric power).  

The products of the Pridnestrovian enterprises can be found in the USA and China. It is mainly footwear, textiles and food products.  

Among trade partners of Pridnestrovie, there are also such countries as Brazil, Bangladesh, the UAE, Pakistan, Singapore, Libya. In total in the list, there are more than 50 states. 


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