02/26/22 14:10
The share of trade with the Russian Federation amounted to 32 per cent (4 per cent more than the previous year)
01/19/22 15:37
About 46 percent of total export revenues provided the metallurgical industry
09/08/21 15:50
The department held an online meeting of the Public Advisory Council
12/16/20 13:24
In October-November, export performance is the best since January 2019
12/04/20 17:22
The problem of freight rail transport was also mentioned during the meeting
11/11/20 16:08
Sales of electricity and ferrous metallurgy products rose
10/22/19 18:27
Excluding supplies of ferrous metallurgy, export grew by 10.4%
09/06/19 18:03
Because of this, economic agents of the republic are not able carry out banking operations with foreign partners
07/23/19 12:18
Russia remains the main trade partner of the PMR with a share of 35.5% in the total trade turnover of Pridnestrovie
03/28/19 12:28
SCC clarifies some of the aspects of the new tax regimes
01/19/19 10:02
More than 793 million PMR rubles of customs fees were recovered to the state income
12/09/18 10:03
The main export directions are the EU, EEU, Moldova and Ukraine
02/19/16 13:54
From 2006 on, new forms of restrictions have constantly been imposed on Pridnestrovian enterprises conducting foreign economic activities