For nine months, export from Pridnestrovie to Russia increased by 18%

10/22/19 18:27

For nine months, export from Pridnestrovie to Russia increased by 18%

Excluding supplies of ferrous metallurgy, export grew by 10.4%

Tiraspol, October 22. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The volume of foreign trade turnover of the republic amounted to about 1.4 billion dollars for nine months of this year. This is about the same as last year. Import indicators have also developed at the level of 2018. But the volume of export from the republic decreased by 7% in the first 9 months.

According to Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maria Glushkova, this figure is due to a reduction in production and sales abroad of products of the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant. At the same time, it maintains a leading position in the product structure of Pridnestrovian export - 33%.

In January-September 2019, Pridnestrovie began to export more fuel and energy products (+ 19.3%). The volume of foodstuffs and raw materials delivered abroad increased by 8.3%, machine-building products - by 18.8%, mineral products, including cement - by 20%. As noted in the review of the Ministry of Economic Development, excluding supplies of ferrous metallurgy, export for 9 months grew by 10.4%.

According to the Deputy Minister, this year there is a more active export trend towards the Russian market. Over 9 months, the increase was 18%. Maria Glushkova said that in the structure of Pridnestrovian export, the share of total supplies to the Russian Federation from 10% of last year had increased to 13% in this one.

The volume of import remained at the level of January-September 2018. A slight increase (1%) occurred due to fuel and energy products.


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