04/11/24 18:06
Official Chisinau is doing everything to prevent negotiations from resuming
04/11/24 17:59
Moscow expects a thorough investigation of these incidents
08/07/23 09:38
Nikolai Orlov won a silver medal, Dmitry Tarabin won a bronze
08/03/23 13:06
Statement adopted at the Great Circle of the Union of Cossacks of Russia
03/10/23 16:19
According to the politician, Chisinau`s anti-Russian steps are no longer enough for Kyiv
02/20/23 18:09
This is necessary to ease pressure on Pridnestrovie
02/18/23 16:16
​​​​​​​According to the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the West continues to lead the Republic of Moldova on the way to the Baltic countries.
01/17/23 16:15
Their adoption will lead to further conflict, the Russian human rights activist believes