Russia is concerned about drone strikes on targets in Pridnestrovie

04/11/24 17:59

Russia is concerned about drone strikes on targets in Pridnestrovie

Moscow expects a thorough investigation of these incidents

Tiraspol, April 11. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Russia expects a thorough investigation into the kamikaze drone strikes on Pridnestrovian military targets. In particular, as Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia Maxim Buyakevich noted at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council, we are talking about a strike on a radar station that took place on April 5.

“This incident is another provocation aimed at aggravating the already tense situation around Pridnestrovie. We expect a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of what happened. We proceed from the fact that those behind this reckless action are fully aware of its dangerous consequences,” the Russian diplomat said.

Let us remind you that in recent months two strikes have been carried out on military installations in Pridnestrovie using unmanned aerial vehicles. The first was recorded on March 17 at the airfield in Tiraspol, where a helicopter was destroyed by a drone strike. The second incident was recorded on April 5 in the Rybnitsa region, where a radar station was damaged as a result of the strike.


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