Приднестровье в лицах

02/13/22 18:05
Story about how a veteran from Bendery fought in Germany and wrote on the wall of the Reichstag "I am Fadeev, I walked all the way to Berlin!"
06/23/21 17:33
We will talk about each of them on International Olympic Day
Дмитрий Родин сидит на камне
06/03/21 09:10
June 3 marks 102 years since the famous sculptor`s birth
01/26/21 18:59
Sabotages, trains derailed, the rail-road bridge disruption. The war story of Pridnestrovian partisan, who operated in Belarusian forests
01/25/21 19:20
A village school teacher was a Soviet resident in China
11/05/20 14:32
The artist has been creating decorative articles of stone, wood and amber, which are popular all over the world for 22 years
05/09/20 14:23
The story of the Pridnestrovians, who fought heroically on the air fronts of the Great Patriotic War
05/08/20 12:39
Full knights of the Order of Glory were equated with the Heroes of the Soviet Union in status
04/21/20 20:20
75 years’ anniversary of Feodor Zharchinsky feat
04/06/20 10:33
On March 25, 1872, in Bendery, there was born an academician, soil scientist and agricultural chemist Konstantin Gedroits
03/25/20 15:52
March 25, 1836 in Pridnestrovie, there was born an outstanding figure of Russian and world medicine
11/25/19 11:49
From this article you will learn the history of the Orchestra creation, the thorny path of formation and international cooperation
10/18/19 19:10
It includes 20 children who dream of performing on the professional stage, demonstrating the diversity of the Pridnestrovian culture