12/10/20 15:20
Pridnestrovian Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev assured that Russia and Pridnestrovie would develop and strengthen all-round cooperation
12/09/20 15:10
The document implies interaction between PMR and Bryansk in different spheres
12/07/20 16:18
In accordance with the PMR Development Strategy, the customs authorities are introducing technology of automatic decision-making on the goods output
12/04/20 15:19
The diplomats discussed the situation in the negotiation process between the PMR and the RM, as well as the peacekeeping operation functioning on the Dniester
12/01/20 13:52
Russian Senator, member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, commented on the statements of the Moldovan President-elect
11/13/20 11:27
JCC Co-Chairman from Pridnestrovie commented on the entry of Russian peacekeepers into the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone
11/11/20 16:43
Representatives of the Russian Federation expressed interest in relevant literature published by the Pridnestrovian University