11/22/19 17:34
Pridnestrovie: Cultural, Historical, Socio-Economic and Investment Potential of the Republic exhibition is also organized there
11/12/19 13:36
According to it, citizenship of the Russian Federation should be obtained without renouncing foreign passports of other countries
11/12/19 13:30
Vladimir Krasnoselskiy reminded that Pridnestrovie is an indicator of Russian successful peacekeeping operation
11/10/19 18:39
Pridnestrovian parliamentarians met with a delegation of deputies, political scientists and experts from the Russian Federation
11/06/19 18:01
Head of the State in an interview with the Russian Parlamentskaya Gazeta commented on the desire of the residents of the Republic to remain part of the Russian world
11/05/19 12:41
Meetings with Government of Russia members and Russian journalists have been held
10/24/19 19:59
This is the first medal in the of Russian rowing history at marathon distances
10/22/19 18:27
Excluding supplies of ferrous metallurgy, export grew by 10.4%
10/22/19 15:18
The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources also met with the Governor of the Bryansk Region, Alexander Bogomaz
10/19/19 11:50
Alexander Lukashevich spoke in favor of improving the mechanism for implementation the agreements, which would protect the agreements between Chisinau and Tiraspol from the domestic political situation
10/12/19 12:49
He won the silver medal of the world championship in gymnastics
10/04/19 19:35
Currently, mechanisms for the document release are being elaborated at the PMR Official Representative Office in Moscow
09/26/19 20:43
They discussed activities of the Official Representative Office of Pridnestrovie in Moscow