Russian soldiers have guarded peace on the Dniester since Suvorov times

11/12/19 13:30

Russian soldiers have guarded peace on the Dniester since Suvorov times

Vladimir Krasnoselskiy reminded that Pridnestrovie is an indicator of Russian successful peacekeeping operation

It is a delusion to think that the Russian Federation had fulfilled its diplomatic function and therefore the presence of Russian peacekeepers on the Dniester is not justified. This was stated by the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky in an interview with Tsargrad TV Channel.

“The world is cyclical. We risk repeating the tragedy. But as long as there are Russian peacekeepers, it is impossible. I am deeply convinced, and these are not only my own conclusions, but the people of Pridnestrovie also think so. Many political scientists and politicians think Pridnestrovie is an indicator of successful Russian peacekeeping operation on the banks of the Dniester”, the Head of the state emphasized.

Speaking about the uniqueness of the format of the peacekeeping operation, the President reminded that soldiers of previously conflicting parties – Moldova and Pridnestrovie – serve in the same structure as Russian peacekeepers. Working bodies – the Joint Military Command and the Joint Control Commission – have been formed. All decisions are made on the basis of the principle of consensus.

“During the entire period of the peacekeeping mission, no soldiers have been killed since August 1992. This is an indicator”, said Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The Head of the state stressed that, in fact, the peacekeeping operation under the auspices of Russia has begun on the Dniester not 27 years ago, but long before.

“The whole thing is that in fact, the peacekeeping mission on the banks of the Dniester began not 27 years ago, as is widely believed, but still since 1792 when generalissimos Suvorov founded Tiraspol. And since then, since 1792, the Russian soldier on the banks of the Dniester has protected peace. Therefore today's peacekeepers inherited just a nice mission of the grandfathers and fathers. And we continue this mission”, the President noted.

The national, cultural and mental identity of Pridnestrovie with Russia Vadim Krasnoselskiy called the main success factors of the peacekeeping operation.

“We have one society, one culture, one history, one tradition, the commonality of history, in fact, of one state – from the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union to modern Russia”, the President of the PMR concluded.


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