02/13/20 15:45
Earlier, at a board of Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Vasnetsov assured that Russia would continue to be a reliable guarantor of peace and security in Pridnestrovie
02/12/20 17:37
Deputy of the PMR Supreme Council Andrey Safonov commented on the proposed changes to the Russian Citizenship Law to the REGNUM News Agency
01/23/20 16:05
Representatives of the parties expressed confidence that such cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial
01/17/20 20:28
It is about work in the field of economy, rights of compatriots protection and simplified registration of Russian citizenship for the residents of Pridnestrovie
01/10/20 15:13
These are representatives of athletics, swimming and rowing
12/20/19 12:44
According to the President of the PMR, this issue cannot be politicized, specialists should work on it
12/18/19 18:34
With the Russian help, there were 124 copies of textbooks delivered to correctional schools, a university, and blind communities
12/04/19 18:22
She applied to the Official Representation of the PMR in Russia with such a request
12/02/19 11:26
Funds for additional payments to pensioners arrived in the republic last week
11/26/19 18:48
Diplomats discussed the situation in the negotiation process between the PMR and the RM, as well as the development of bilateral contacts between Russia and Pridnestrovie