11/11/20 16:43
Representatives of the Russian Federation expressed interest in relevant literature published by the Pridnestrovian University
11/06/20 20:30
Elena Ovcharenko became a finalist, she lacked only 6 points to win
09/28/20 19:04
He took first place in a canoe pair with Ilya Pervukhin at a distance of 1000 meters
09/28/20 18:11
They are trainees of the Tiraspol Rowing and Shooting Sports School
09/17/20 10:10
14 years ago, Pridnestrovians spoke out for independence and future with Russia
08/15/20 21:05
The winners will prepare for the World Cup and the European Championship
07/24/20 19:15
Tranche delay was linked to coronavirus pandemic
07/24/20 13:50
The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation thanked the state authorities and public organizations of the republic for carrying out explanatory work on amending the Constitution of Russia
02/14/20 11:33
Bogdan Bespalko, member of the Russian Council for Interethnic Relations under Presidential Executive, notes that Pridnestrovie and Moldova have already been formed as different states