09/10/21 16:15
They are organized by the Orthodox Old-Rite community with the funds of the PMR President`s grant
09/01/21 19:50
Chairman of the Tsargrad society, Deputy Head of the World Russian People's Council (WRPC) sent congratulations on the 31st anniversary of the founding of the PMR
06/17/21 18:16
Russian parliamentarian commented on attempts to put pressure on Pridnestrovie
06/11/21 21:09
Artem Turov emphasized: not a single shot has been fired in 30 years
06/07/21 13:57
The Co-Chairman of the JCC from Pridnestrovie stressed that only the existing format of the PF under the auspices of Russia is able to maintain peace in the region
06/04/21 19:35
A new agreement with Link-Product company will open up additional opportunities for promoting products on the Russian market
05/31/21 11:40
Participant of the Pridnestrovian team Anna Margvelidze is among the top 10 players who answered the quiz tour questions the best
05/26/21 13:44
The PMR President at a meeting with the Russian Ambassador noted that at the same time Chisinau includes leverage over Pridnestrovie