Artem Turov: State Duma statement is an unambiguous message to the Moldovan authorities

06/17/21 18:16

Artem Turov: State Duma statement is an unambiguous message to the Moldovan authorities

Russian parliamentarian commented on attempts to put pressure on Pridnestrovie

The Russian Federation will not overlook the attempts to blockade Pridnestrovie. This was stated by Artem Turov, a member of the RF State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, in an interview with Sputnik-Moldova.

“The statement of the State Duma, adopted unanimously, is an unambiguous message. A message to the Moldovan authorities, a message to the Ukrainian side. Our compatriots, our fellow citizens live in large quantities on the territory of Pridnestrovie. Of course, the situation will be under the constant control of the Russian legislative body, including the deputies elected from Pridnestrovie, representing the interests of the inhabitants of this region," Turov said.

In his opinion, the actions taken by Chisinau with regard to Pridnestrovie are attempts to resolve their political issues by putting pressure on the left bank of the Dniester.

Turov also commented on the systematic attacks on the peacekeeping operation.

The parliamentarian recalled that not a single shot had been fired during the peacekeeping mission conducted in Pridnestrovie under the auspices of Russia for almost 30 years. The new tension in the region does not bode well.

“This is a unique peacekeeping mission, the only one in the world that proved to be 100% effective and allowed both banks of the Dniester to develop economically and politically,” he stressed.

All the more irresponsible, according to Turov, are the attempts of the Moldovan authorities to introduce an element of tension into the region.

In his opinion, behind all these actions, there may be some pressure that the West exerts put on the authorities of Moldova and Ukraine, seeking its own geopolitical benefits in the current situation.

Yesterday the State Duma of the Russian Federation unanimously adopted a statement condemning the pressure on Pridnestrovie. The deputies called on Chisinau to abide by the previously reached agreements, and Kiev - not to resort to pressure on any of the parties to the conflict, but, on the contrary, to assist in resolving problematic issues exclusively at the negotiating table.

The statement was a reaction to the plans of Chisinau and Kiev to close the border for Pridnestrovian cars from September 1, as well as to take control of exports and imports passing through the Kuchurgan checkpoint from July 1. The document also contains an appeal to the Russian Government to provide assistance to Pridnestrovie and the Russian citizens living there.

Last week, defenders of Pridnestrovie addressed the mediators and observers of the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. They called to prevent the infringement of the rights of the PMR residents. In their appeal, the public activists talk about Moldova's violation of agreements on humanitarian issues, the breakdown of negotiations and about restrictive actions by Chisinau.


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