03/26/24 19:17
Alexander Stetsiuk explained why Chisinau is trying to destroy the negotiation process
02/15/24 14:34
The PMR MFA held a board meeting on the results of work in 2023
02/14/24 16:52
The Head of the PMR Ministry of Economic Development spoke about the consequences of economic pressure from the Republic of Moldova
01/10/24 13:35
The head of the PMR Foreign Ministry commented on the forced collection of customs duties from Pridnestrovian enterprises
01/09/24 12:49
The Moldovan authorities are only leading Moldovan-Pridnestrovian relations towards greater confrontation, PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky said
01/05/24 17:10
The President of the PMR addressed the leadership of the neighboring country
11/13/23 19:25
The situation with three Pridnestrovian factories: Elektromash, Moldavizolit and factory “Potential” of Bendery remains difficult