Alevtina Slinchenko: Moldova strengthening economic pressure on Pridnestrovie

02/19/16 13:54

Alevtina Slinchenko: Moldova strengthening economic pressure on Pridnestrovie

From 2006 on, new forms of restrictions have constantly been imposed on Pridnestrovian enterprises conducting foreign economic activities

Moscow, 19 February. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The regular economic blockade of Pridnestrovie was launched in 2006 and has been getting even stronger since then, said the first chair of the Pridnestrovian government, Alevtina Slinchenko, during a news conference at MIA Rossiya Segodnya. She recalled journalists that first the customs clearance of Pridnestrovian cargoes was transferred to Moldova, which resulted in the complication of clearance procedures and raised the price of various duties. Only in the first year after the introduction of the new rules the country lost over $400 million due to customs duties, ecology fees and the need to purchase only Moldovan phytosanitary and veterinary certificates.

At the same time, Moldova was trying to build the work of Pridnestrovian enterprises into its tax and legislation systems. They were subject to check-ups and fines for non-payment of Moldovan taxes.

Since 2014 requirements for the issue of permits for the import raw materials and the export of finished products have become tougher.

«The licence was valid for three months only and had to be constantly extended. Our enterprises, for example KVINT, faced requirements, typical of the Moldovan legislation, which they were not able to fulfil. In this connection, questions arise as for the extension of the licence and further work of this enterprise, and KVINT's example is not unique," said Alevtina Slinchenko.

The process of conducting foreign economic activities became especially difficult for our enterprises in 2014−2015. So, after Russia imposed an agricultural embargo on Moldova, it, in turn, stopped issuing permits for the PMR's agricultural export.

«The Moldovan authorities did not issue at will phytosanitary and veterinary certificates to cargoes exported from Pridnestrovie. And our economic agents were incurring losses because it took place in the season of agricultural sales," said Alevtina Slinchenko.

This has been supplemented with criminal charges filed against our businessmen and enterprises in Moldova.

«The Republic of Moldova is accusing our enterprises of smuggling and illegal economic operations. The process of conducting foreign economic activities was constantly getting complicated in 2014 and 2015," noted the first deputy prime minister.


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