Pridnestrovian exports indicators in the year 2021 became a record one for the last 20 years

01/19/22 15:37

Pridnestrovian exports indicators in the year 2021 became a record one for the last 20 years

About 46 percent of total export revenues provided the metallurgical industry

Tiraspol, January 19 /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Pridnestrovian total foreign trade turnover at the end of the previous year amounted to more than 2.58 billion dollars. According to the PMR State Customs Committee, this’s for 53 percent or 0.9 billion dollars more than in the year 2020.

According to the January-December results, Pridnestrovian export emerged at the record level of 938.9 million dollars in the last 20 years. About 46 percent of such indicators (432.2 million dollars) supplied metallurgical products. Almost 19 percent and 18 percent of export revenue accounted for electric power and food and raw materials.

In the EU, the main export flows from Pridnestrovie were sent to Poland (about 128.4 million dollars) and Romania (about 106.6 million dollars). About 79 million dollars accounted totally for 7 countries of the second wave including Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Slovakia.

It should be noted that Pridnestrovian shipments to Russia increased by 24 percent, but in Moldova by 10 percent in the previous year.

According to the results of the year 2021, in percentage terms, about 31.8 percent of Pridnestrovian exports account to Moldova, about 34.9 percent account to EU, about 14.4 percent account to Ukraine, and 9.8 percent accordingly account to Eurasian Economic Union countries.

As for imports, which amounted to about 1,646 million dollars the previous year, here the picture is somewhat different. Most of all goods for 738.4 million dollars Pridnestrovie imported from the Russian Federation. The largest share of them is fuel as well as energy products.

In the top three foreign trade partners, the PMR on imports in the year 2021 also included Romania (with about 214.1 million dollars) and Ukraine (with 198.4 million dollars).

Generally, according to the PMR State Customs Committee, the PMR foreign trade turnover with the Eurasian Economic Union’s countries was more than 895 million dollars in period from January to December, about 694.4 million with EU countries. Another 995 million dollars accounted for other states, including Moldova and Ukraine.

In terms of individual countries, then the commodity turnover in Pridnestrovie was fixed in the year 2021 with Russia (825.2 million or almost a third part of the total turnover).


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