01/17/23 10:30
This is due to the difficulties in the work of MMP and the gas crisis
10/27/22 15:28
The human rights center Pridnestrovian Meridian demanded from the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to stop blocking cargoes for Pridnestrovie
01/19/22 15:37
About 46 percent of total export revenues provided the metallurgical industry
02/26/21 12:53
The individual entrepreneur’s goods will be prevented from the country’s territory
12/16/20 13:24
In October-November, export performance is the best since January 2019
12/02/19 17:34
Discussions on this issue took place for the first time in the last 9 months
09/09/19 15:50
The SCC is working on the automation of operations carried out when importing goods into Pridnestrovie
07/23/19 12:18
Russia remains the main trade partner of the PMR with a share of 35.5% in the total trade turnover of Pridnestrovie
07/17/19 18:38
The head of the effective control department of the Tiraspol Customs Alexei Vyrodov revealed the details of customs operations simplification
05/11/19 19:49
Vitaly Ignatiev thanked the OSCE for attracting an expert on the import of medicines to the dialogue of Tiraspol and Chisinau
04/17/19 17:54
Michael Morris discussed with the Pridnestrovian colleagues a solution to the question