Pridnestrovian exports decreased by $200 million in 2022

01/17/23 10:30

Pridnestrovian exports decreased by $200 million in 2022

This is due to the difficulties in the work of MMP and the gas crisis

Tiraspol, January 17. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. According to the data provided by the State Customs Committee of the PMR, the foreign trade turnover of Pridnestrovie amounted to $3.22 billion in 2022. Of these, 2 billion 482 million are imports, while 738 million are exports. 

Compared to the year before last, Pridnestrovian exports decreased by $200 million in 2021. This is primarily due to interruptions in the work of the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant in February-April, the autumn gas crisis, and the reduction in electricity generation at the Moldavskaya GRES in November. 

By contrast, the export of metals and products from them exceeded 432 million dollars in 2021, while at the end of last year, it amounted to only 244.2 million, thus decreasing by 44.5%.

If we talk about the directions of Pridnestrovian supplies, Moldova and the European Union maintain their positions here. They accounted for $301.2 and $261.6 million, respectively, i.e. more than three-quarters of PMR’s exports in 2022.

In the EU, the main consumers of Pridnestrovian products were Romania (according to the results of the year, it leads by a large margin among European countries), as well as Poland, Italy, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Pridnestrovian exports to Russia decreased by 6%, from $86.6 million to $81.5 million (and this is a good result, given all the logistical complexities that Pridnestrovian enterprises continue to face). Deliveries to Ukraine fell three times at the end of the year. In comparison with previous years, today this export direction is practically lost for the PMR. 

At the same time, Pridnestrovian enterprises find new markets. Thus, Turkey continues to gain a foothold among the leading foreign trade partners of the republic. In the past year, supplies to this country tripled to $27.3 million, and as a result, Pridnestrovie achieved a positive balance in bilateral trade here (exports exceeded imports).

In addition to metals, the Top 3 export positions of the PMR, as before, include electricity and food products.

As for imports, a noticeable increase in its indicators is due to the growth in prices for hydrocarbons. Because of this, the negative balance of the PMR's foreign trade balance (exports minus imports) also increased from $708 million in 2021 to $1,744 million in 2022.


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