09/14/21 15:13
Its volume exceeded 7.2 billion rubles for 8 months
12/23/19 13:50
At the same time, imports from the Russian Federation grew by more than 15%
10/10/19 13:53
The Russian Federation International Trade Development Council will help Pridnestrovie to strength its position on the Russian market
08/19/19 11:00
The government agreement came into force at the beginning of the month
12/09/18 10:03
The main export directions are the EU, EEU, Moldova and Ukraine
07/23/18 18:50
Almost half of all purchases account for food
07/17/18 14:34
Imports, however, are still significantly prevailing over exports
07/06/18 11:29
Producers of Tiraspol and Bendery discussed what needs to be done to ensure that domestic goods are recognised and loved by buyers
04/19/16 16:56
The memorandum is, first of all, aimed at giving practical benefits to the Pridnestrovian exporters selling goods to Russia
03/28/16 15:59
Prior to that law enforcers could only warn offenders
12/24/15 12:44
Budget expenditures would amount to tens of millions dollars
12/08/15 15:02
The acting prime minister commented on a status quo in the trading relations between Pridnestrovie and the EU