11/25/19 11:49
From this article you will learn the history of the Orchestra creation, the thorny path of formation and international cooperation
11/13/19 14:00
Kid's Band Jazz Orchestra, flutes quartet led by Grigory Moseiko and musicians from Dubossary also successfully performed there
10/31/19 12:20
Dancers from Tiraspol won the cup «Yaskrava krajina Zakarpatt'a»
10/29/19 17:24
Feerie Dance Studio demonstrated skills along with 15 participating countries
10/18/19 19:10
It includes 20 children who dream of performing on the professional stage, demonstrating the diversity of the Pridnestrovian culture
10/07/19 16:10
The performance was highly appreciated at the I International theater festival “Vakhtangov Theater Actors in Cyprus”
09/19/19 18:31
The edition is issued in a circulation of 500 copies in Russian and English
09/18/19 17:07
During the weekend in Tiraspol there will be concerts near the fountain again. Vocal groups «Shokolad» and «Fortuna» and also orchestra of the state ensemble of dance and folk music Viorika will participate in it.
09/13/19 12:24
Tatyana Shuma presented new works from the «Cats’ Lovers» series
09/06/19 14:55
11 paintings were presented by «X-Power Gallery» in the Center of assistance to art Baosheng, Taipei
08/13/19 17:03
The performance «Lie» is based on the story of the Russian writer Leonid Andreyev
08/05/19 13:02
Musicians from the Pridnestrovie and guests from Gagauzia will perform
07/30/19 17:29
The historical film “Alexander. Battle of the Neva” will be shown on the citadel main screen
07/22/19 19:07
The action will take place in the evening on July 28 in the Energeticov Park