06/04/19 12:15
On the birthday of the great Russian poet in the Bendery central library there will be a large-scale action
05/28/19 13:15
The story of the Godoba family, which created a world-class dance project in Slobodzeya
05/26/19 19:04
There were a concert program, laser and fire show
05/24/19 14:45
There were celebrations which were accompanied by exhibitions, dances and poetry.
05/24/19 11:59
They brought five highest awards from Romania
05/23/19 15:03
Dress code of festive evening – white clothes
05/21/19 21:49
They were the best in "solo" and "duets" categories
05/20/19 16:33
Festival of Folk art and Crafts took place in Chobruchy Rodin Park
05/16/19 11:47
The spirit of the Soviet era in the Bendery Fortress for guests and citizens on May 18
05/15/19 18:02
The document includes more than 2 thousand objects, most of which are archeological monuments
05/15/19 15:29
About 30 paintings will be presented by «KamArt» creative association and Margarita Korsak
05/15/19 12:28
At the Young Europe competition, girls took the main prize in the World Hit nomination
05/15/19 09:12
It will be held on May 18 in the D.K. Rodin State Park of Chobruchi village