Polina Tkach is winner of music competition in Russia

12/24/20 18:31

Polina Tkach is winner of music competition in Russia

The Dubossary music school student wrote her own melody
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Dubossary, December 24. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Students of the Dubossary Murgu Music School continue to successfully participate in international Russian and Ukrainian internet projects. This autumn young musicians took part in four such contests and won in five.

Thus, the music school student Polina Tkach took the 3rd place at the forth All-Russian competition “We are composers.” The international Internet project aimed at developing a musical creativity took place in Russia. It was organized by the Gubkinsky affiliated branch of the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture. Among the participants there were students not only of children’s music schools and art schools, but also of music colleges.

It’s not the first time when young musicians from Dubossary have won medal places in various categories of this competition. This year Polina Tkach won in the Composition category. The girl wrote her own music melody and performed the musical piece “Autumn.”

 “Our student has shown significant result. She not only composed a melody, but also admirably performed a lyric composition with verses by the Russian author Novitskaya to the piano accompaniment,” the deputy head teacher of the Dubossary Murgu music school Tatyana Kirilova noted.

Polina Tkach described, that for her music writing process was very engrossing. The young composer from Dubossary plays the guitar, manages vocal technique and has plans to devote her life to music.


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