06/29/21 09:22
According to Andrey Mezhinsky, the company director, the obtaining such award is a recognition of products quality, strengthening its authority as well as partners’ confidence
05/31/21 11:40
Participant of the Pridnestrovian team Anna Margvelidze is among the top 10 players who answered the quiz tour questions the best
03/10/21 17:24
In the “Junior Variety” nomination, he took the second place, performing jazz and variety music
12/24/20 18:31
The Dubossary music school student wrote her own melody
11/16/20 19:35
The winner will be chosen by the President of the PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky
11/06/20 20:30
Elena Ovcharenko became a finalist, she lacked only 6 points to win
10/19/20 14:11
A number of wines of the Pridnestrovian enterprise were awarded gold and silver medals
12/03/19 15:18
Viorica wine won a silver medal
11/13/19 14:00
Kid's Band Jazz Orchestra, flutes quartet led by Grigory Moseiko and musicians from Dubossary also successfully performed there
09/11/19 18:39
It was visited by 10 children who won in the republican competition
06/02/19 15:30
These are works of film director Natalia Golub: "Executed and Unconquered" and "I'm Taking Command..."
05/24/19 15:15
Elizabeth Kuznetsova will present Moldova at the «Miss World» competition
05/15/19 12:28
At the Young Europe competition, girls took the main prize in the World Hit nomination
04/22/19 15:17
Now musicians finish work on the competitive program