The Order of Honor was presented to Vitaly Voinov by the President

11/04/22 10:28

The Order of Honor was presented to Vitaly Voinov by the President

The head and conductor of the orchestra of the Main Staff of the PMR Armed Forces Vitaly Voynov is celebrating his anniversary today. People's artist turned 70 years old. The birthday person was congratulated by the PMR President personally. Vadim Krasnoselsky presented the hero of the day with the Order of Honor, emphasizing that the award was deserved by many years of work, professionalism, talent and popular recognition. Vitaly Voinov, accepting congratulations and the order, noticed that he was more worried than on stage.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that Vitaly Voynov is certainly a creative and gifted person, while noting that talent alone is not enough for success. According to the President, the Assistant Chief of the General Staff of the PMR Armed Forces for military orchestra service is distinguished by self-discipline, exactingness towards himself and others, attentiveness and responsiveness. The PMR President expressed confidence that Vitaly Voinov and his colleagues musicians give people joy, happiness, positive emotions, helping to cope with any kind of negative manifestations. “What you are doing is beyond the power of politicians,” Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized.

The conversation continued in the format of a tea party. The interlocutors spoke about the achievements of the team led by Vitaly Voinov, the specifics of the military orchestra's activities, and creative plans. It was noted that the musicians of the General Staff of the PMR Armed Forces are actively involved not only in military events, but also in the cultural life of the Pridnestrovian society as a whole. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the special attitude of connoisseurs of quality music to the work of the orchestra, noting the diversity of its repertoire and the audience broadness. They talked about the importance of touring. Vitaly Voinov expressed his gratitude to the country's leadership for providing the band with transport that made it possible to expand the concert geography, as well as for improving the infrastructure – in general, the armed forces and the orchestra in particular. New creative approaches, projects, developments were discussed. The President assured that he welcomes brave ideas and supports creative initiatives.


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