The PMR President held a meeting with the developers of the project of the future Museum Quarter

01/12/22 11:53

The PMR President held a meeting with the developers of the project of the future Museum Quarter

It is planned to create the Pridnestrovian State Museum on the initiative of the PMR President. The local lore institution will unite and present the history of the Pridnestrovian land from the most ancient times to the present day. The early, middle and late middle Ages, the times of the Russian Empire, the Soviet period, the history of modern Pridnestrovie - all these are the sectoral components of the projected museum quarter, which will be part of the structure of the Catherine Park in the center of the capital. A special exposition will be dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. It will be tied to a permanent fortification that has been preserved in the central part of the city. The 1992 war and the history of Tiraspol will be presented in separate blocks.

A specially created design group presented the developments to the President. The Head of the Tiraspol administration Oleg Dovgopol, the Head of the State Service for Culture Maria Kyrmyz, designers took part in the working discussion. 14 volumes of the project are ready. There is visualized documentation support. The fate of the buildings located on the territory of the future museum complex was discussed during the meeting. Historical buildings will be preserved and restored. A lot of work has been done to study the archives, including photographs. Dilapidated outbuildings are subject to demolition. These are mainly lightweight garage-type structures that hide the facades of historical buildings, introducing architectural dissonance, in most cases being in disrepair. There are plans for new buildings construction. Basements are specially equipped for storage facilities. It is necessary to update the water supply network and the heat supply system of this site. The authors of the project see it as expedient to install mini-boiler rooms for each building, which will provide each with an independent temperature regime, since the storage conditions for various exhibits are noticeably different.

The territory improvement was also discussed in the course of the meeting. The new leisure zone will continue the Catherine Park and smoothly merge into the embankment that will also be reconstructed. Putting in order the beach sector and the rowing base is ahead. This year, construction work is to be carried out directly on the museum site. 2023 will be dedicated to filling the Pridnestrovian State Museum with exhibits.


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