The Liberty Quintet was awarded the Rubinstein Medal for Merit in Culture and Art, II degree, by the President

06/28/23 12:26

The Liberty Quintet was awarded the Rubinstein Medal for Merit in Culture and Art, II degree, by the President

The Rubinstein Medal for Merit in Culture and Art is a new state award. The decree on the establishment was signed by the PMR President this year. There are only few honored citizens.   The Liberty Quintet creative team has been awarded it for the first time today. The well-deserved award was presented to the musicians personally by the PMR President. The award ceremony took place in the conference room of the Administration of the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Clarinet, soprano saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, horn, banjo – this is the composition of Liberty from an instrumental point of view. There are fewer musicians in the band – five. Creative young people who represented the Rubinstein Institute of Arts in the early 2000s formed the quintet in 2004 and have not changed this format for almost two decades. Classical and folk music, jazz and blues are performed by them at various national and international venues. The ensemble has been engaged in creative work in the status of the state group of the PMR since 2011, brightly and talentedly representing the republic at forums, festivals, competitions of wind, pop, jazz music, the geography of which is expanding every year. According to the estimates of artistic director Dmitry Sheremet, the ensemble has covered a total of 50 thousand kilometers over the years of touring and festival activities. Recently established new point on the map of the group's creative journey is the city of Zrenjanin, Serbia. Another musical victory was brought from there – the Grand Prix of the XII International Brass Music Festival "BEGAJ FEST 2023". This annual event brought together a dozen teams from nine countries. Pridnestrovian musicians in addition to performances in the competitive block participated in the opening and closing of the festival, gave a concert in the central square of the city. Liberty performed traditional jazz standards, blues, dixieland in Serbia. Of particular importance for the team is the business card – a fantasy on national musical themes of the peoples living on Pridnestrovian soil. Another important aspect: the performances of the quintet and their awarding are traditionally held under the flag of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, the musicians told the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky. This is the condition that the Pridnestrovian performers insist on. The canvas, which always accompanies the quintet on trips, was taken to today's meeting with the PMR President.

The interlocutors recalled the history of the creation, formation and development of the team, achievements and creative plans in the course of communication, which took place in the format of a tea party. They talked about the fact that music, despite the geopolitical upheavals, remains out of politics, playing an important unifying role and performing a diplomatic function. It was noted that artists in addition to their own creativity have the opportunity on foreign trips to share information about the Pridnestrovian region. It is advisable in this regard to have visual materials about the republic available.

The support from the state did not go unnoticed, which allows raising the level of professionalism, expanding creative horizons, increasing the audience, using new forms and mastering previously unknown areas.

Answering a question about their plans for the future, the musicians said that they had received invitations to visit Hungary in August, and Montenegro in February. A performance in the Wittgenstein Park in Kamenka as part of the Camertone annual summer festival this coming weekend is among the nearest events within the republic.


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