The PMR President talked with employees of art and cultural sector

05/11/23 15:40

The PMR President talked with employees of art and cultural sector

The President held a meeting with representatives of art and cultural sector. The event was timed to coincide with the upcoming professional holiday: the Day of Cultural Workers is celebrated in Pridnestrovie on the fourth Sunday of May. The conversation was organized in the meeting room of presidential executive office. The Head of the relevant civil service, heads of leading creative teams and state cultural institutions were invited to the conversation. Vadim Krasnoselsky, welcoming the interlocutors, emphasized the importance of the sphere they represent. According to him, culture and history are the reliable foundation of the people. The PMR President proposed a free form of discussion-tea drinking without a thematic framework.

The discussion lasted more than two hours. They talked about the global and vital. They mentioned the finally retreating coronavirus pandemic, which for a long time adjusted the creative plans and cultural life of the Pridnestrovian society. They discussed issues related to the participation of Pridnestrovians in international events. The President was informed about the work carried out this year and about future plans. For example, it was noted that about four hundred cultural events were held in the republic on Victory Day alone, using various venues. The Head of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage drew attention to the fact that not only specialized structures and institutions, but also organizations that are not related to this area in fact, are actively involved in the organizational work. Maria Kyrmyz recalled that more than eight hundred creative teams have been created in Pridnestrovie. It is valuable in the opinion of the participants in the discussion that a full-fledged system of education in the field of art, which includes all levels, operates in the republic. The high professionalism of the teaching staff was noted. They mentioned for the first time an exhibition of works by artists-teachers of the art school named after Foinitsky. They shared information about new achievements of Pridnestrovian talents. The interlocutors agreed that it is necessary to intensify interaction with the media so that the inhabitants of the republic know not only about the cultural events held in Pridnestrovie, but also about the participation of representatives of the republic in foreign competitions, exhibitions, concert programs, creative projects. They focused on the topic of infrastructure. A new milestone was the creation of open stage venues and the development of festival culture. For example, a large stage was mounted for the convenience of the artists in the citadel of the Bendery fortress. Festival practice has shown its necessity. A large LED screen was purchased for the Palace of the Republic, which allows not only to provide video support for the stage action, but also provides colossal artistic and design opportunities. In addition, the stage of the great hall of the Palace of the Republic is now equipped with a circular rotary mechanism, which is also a breakthrough in the design of performances, concert programs and even public meetings that can be held on this site.

The rector of the Rubinstein Institute of Arts Irina Pleshkan thanked for the German grand piano purchased with the assistance of the President and outlined the need for an urgent replacement of the electro-button-accordion for folk instrument musicians and the purchase of a drum kit for the youth orchestra. The President took note of the issue. He instructed to form a complete list of tools that need to be replaced, noting that they will be updated as far as possible. Vadim Krasnoselsky informed about the already allocated funds for the purchase of new musical instruments for the orchestra of the General Staff of the PMR Armed Forces. Returning to the issue of the material and technical support of the Institute of Arts, they noted that the institution had waited for repairs. The object is included in the Capital Investment Fund. The plans for the future include putting the institute's dormitory in order (the building was built in 1972).

The Higher Art College named after Postoykin in Bendery is among the priorities for the reconstruction of educational buildings. Funds are allocated under the capital investment program. It is highly likely that work will begin this year. The issue is being worked on. They talked about the fact that representatives of this educational institution would paint icons for the temple under construction in Pervomaisk. The wooden iconostasis will be made by Pridnestrovian carvers. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized the importance of the fact that local craftsmen are involved in such work, noting that the republic has a rich potential.

The artistic director of the Viorica Ensemble Igor Chobanu expressed gratitude for the new costumes and turned to the PMR President with a request to expand the staff of the ensemble. According to the staff list, Viorica consists of 20 musicians and ten ballet couples. More dancers are involved in practice. Some of the artists have to make part-time. The possibility of officially increasing the number of members of the ensemble by 12 (six dance couples) will be studied on behalf of the President.

The issues raised during the meeting were taken into account by the President and sent to work in the form of recommendations and instructions. Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked his interlocutors for an interesting and productive discussion and congratulated them on the upcoming professional holiday.



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