Representatives of Viorika were awarded by the President

09/08/23 13:34

Representatives of Viorika were awarded by the President

Meeting of the President with representatives of the “Viorica” Pridnestrovian State Dance and Folk Music Ensemble was held at the presidential executive office. The conversation was attended by the head of the State Service for Culture and Historical Heritage of the PMR Maria Kyrmyz and Elena Pirogova, the director of the Palace of the Republic (the institution within which the team operates).

The ensemble’s repertoire includes more than six hundred original orchestral arrangements of songs and melodies and three dozen original choreographic productions created on the basis of exclusively Pridnestrovian folklore material, the President was told today. The folk costumes collection, each of which is created in strict accordance with national requirements with a clear elaboration of the ornamental specifics of the represented ethnic groups is the pride of the performers.

Today’s meeting with the President was organized upon the return of Pridnestrovian performers from a foreign tour, which “Viorica” held as part of the International Folklore Festival “FESTIVAL DE SUD” (“Southern Festivals”). The Pridnestrovians shared their talent with numerous spectators, representing Pridnestrovie in different cities of Switzerland, Spain and France. This is the second such trip. “Viorica” made such a tour for the first time in 2016. The interest of the organizers in the group is not accidental: “Viorica” represents the richest diversity of numerous cultures of the multi-ethnic Pridnestrovian people. This tour is important for the Pridnestrovian side. This is a rich creative experience for performers and it is an opportunity for the country to declare Pridnestrovie. The meeting participants noted that cultural exchange as an element of public diplomacy is effective and important. A significant argument in favor of organizing the trip was the fact that the host party assumed all expenses associated with the visit. 35 people were sent abroad and spent almost the entire month of August on an international tour, performing at venues in Martigny, Evolen, Friborg, Heremans (Switzerland), French Carmo and the Spanish cities of Barcelona, Les Preses, Roses and Olot. The festivals brought together performers from five continents. Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Hungary, Mexico, Kosovo, Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Easter Island are among the participating countries with whose representatives the Pridnestrovians exchanged creativity. “Viorica” performed in 32 festival blocks – both on specialized stages and in open areas in national parks. A festival tour is not only a concert activity. Pridnestrovian musicians said that they participated in master classes and press conferences. The briefing of the leaders of creative groups required their participation in national costumes, for example. Everyone spoke not only about culture and traditions, but also about history, statehood, the modern political system, social aspects, nature, and the economy of the country they represented. The experience of conducting master classes was interesting. Local residents signed up in advance for a choreography lesson from “Viorica” in Spain. The general master class for festival participants brought together more than four hundred people in a single choir. Sharing their impressions, the performers noted that an indicator of the highest appreciation of creativity is the reaction of foreign colleagues. “Viorica” was traditionally greeted backstage with thunderous applause.

The participants of the meeting, held in the format of a tea party, discussed not only the successful tour, but also current activities and plans for the future. They expressed gratitude to the President for the opportunity to increase the staff of the ensemble by 11 units, for assistance in updating musical instruments, as well as for additional air conditioners, which will be installed in two rooms of the Palace of the Republic on behalf of Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The PMR President awarded medals “For Merit in Culture and Art named after Rubinstein”, II degree the director, conductor and some performers of the orchestra and ballet ensemble “Viorica”, as well as the director of the Palace of the Republic at the end of the discussion part of the meeting.


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