свобода передвижения

09/13/19 20:02
PMR officials will be able to freely move around the territory of a neighboring state. At this moment only as a part of a pilot project
09/05/17 19:19
The subject of the deportation of Pridnestrovie's representative to Russia will be a focus of the next meeting of the political representatives of Moldova and Pridnestrovie, Vitaly Ignatyev has promised
11/26/15 17:19
RISS expert Nikita Bondarev told Novosti Pridnestrovya what had happened at Kishinev airport on 25 November and how Moldovan security officers had explained to him the prohibition to enter the country
11/26/15 13:18
Pridnestrovie's MFA regards such actions by the Moldovan authorities as an acknowledgement of the fear and embarrassment of the Moldovan elite
11/26/15 12:19
This statement has been published on the institute's official website