Зона безопасности

02/20/20 16:03
JCC called on residents of the Security Zone to surrender weapons and ammunition voluntarily The governing body of the peacekeeping operation reminds that voluntarily weapons surrender exempted from criminal liability
02/06/20 19:20
Since the beginning of 2019 representatives of Moldova have disrupted more than 850 visits
10/31/19 17:26
Representatives of Tiraspol in the JCC proposed to strengthen control over the situation through the institution of military observers
10/24/19 19:02
Maneuvers were held from September 16 to 20 with the participation of more than 1000 troops from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the USA
09/05/19 18:46
Representatives of Pridnestrovie emphasized that these concerns first of all the administrative activity, the problem should be solved at the negotiating table
03/06/19 11:25
Co-Chairman of the peacekeeping operation governing body commented on the planned military exercises in the training area near the village of Bulboaca
01/17/19 15:58
The governing body of the peacekeeping operation will appeal to hand over weapon and ammunition voluntarily
01/17/19 14:57
Police officer of penal institution No. 12 of the Republic of Moldova, located in Bendery, caused a car accident and resisted Pridnestrovian policemen
01/10/19 17:08
What did they talk about at this year first meeting