Oleg Belyakov: Chisinau is trying to undermine the stability in the Security Zone using primitive provocations

06/04/20 21:42

Oleg Belyakov: Chisinau is trying to undermine the stability in the Security Zone using primitive provocations

Comment of the JCC Co-Chair from Pridnestrovie

Tiraspol, June 4. /Novosti Pridnestrovya/. Today, the office of the political representative of the Moldova Republic announced the alleged “incident” in the Security Zone related to the activities of the Pridnestrovian mobile stations.

As previously reported by Novosti Pridnestrovya IA, Moldovan farmers who freely entered the PMR territory had been stopped by traffic police near one of the villages in the Dubossary district. It turned out that there were four people in the front seats of the car, which is a gross violation of the vehicle operation. Residents of Moldova created quite a scene, attracted fellow villagers and law enforcement officers of a neighboring country to make up the numbers.

According to Oleg Belyakov, Co-Chair of the JCC from Pridnestrovie, this episode can only be regarded as a provocation.

“This is not the first time that Chisinau has been dealing with insinuations about the issue of strengthening the control regime by Pridnestrovie in a pandemic, despite the fact that those measures were solely due to the need for careful monitoring of observance of quarantine regulations. The Moldovan side’s reaction to what has happened in the Security Zone today is yet another planned attack aimed at discrediting the peacekeeping operation and Pridnestrovie`s obvious effective efforts to combat the pandemic,” the commentary says.

The JCC Co-Chair emphasized that the so-called “incident” inflated by Moldovan propaganda was in fact the next rather primitive provocation of Chisinau in the Security Zone with the cynical use of its own citizens as instigators of the conflict. Allegedly random appearance of a large number of representatives of the Moldovan security agencies at the scene is a confirmation of the staged nature of today's events

“Perhaps not everyone in Chisinau liked the fact that the presidents of Moldova and Pridnestrovie came up with constructive solutions on a number of issues, during yesterday’s communication including simplifying the regime of entry into Pridnestrovie for Moldovan citizens living in certain settlements of Dubossary district,” Oleg Belyakov said.

He added that "the play performed today by the Moldovan side could only be regarded as a destructive attempt to create anticipation in the Security Zone."

The Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC called on the Moldovan side to give up futile attempts to undermine the stability in the Security Zone.

“We recommend that the Representative for Political Affairs from the Republic of Moldova not to exceed the limits of his competence and not to interfere in the Joint Control Commission activities, but to concentrate on the responsible fulfillment of all the obligations undertaken earlier by Moldova in the negotiation process in order to resolve many socio-economic problems as soon as possible. Despite any possible provocative actions of individual Moldovan representatives, the agreements reached earlier by the leadership of the two states on freedom of movement of citizens in the Security Zone will still be respected, since their adoption is based on concern for people,” the JCC Co-Chair said.


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