Unresolved land conflict in Dubossary district

10/31/19 17:26

Unresolved land conflict in Dubossary district

Representatives of Tiraspol in the JCC proposed to strengthen control over the situation through the institution of military observers

Bendery, October 31./Novosti Pridnestrovya/. The Pridnestrovian delegation to the Joint Control Commission (JCC) expressed concern about the unresolved land dispute in the Dubossary district. The head of the delegation Oleg Belyakov announced this in an interview to the «Novosti Pridnestrovya» News Agency. According to him, there is no guarantee that the situation in that district of the Security Zone would not be exacerbated.

The Co-Chair said that today the representatives of Tiraspol made a number of proposals that were not supported by the Moldovan side.

«We proposed to appeal to the competent authorities to prevent the escalation of the situation, as well as to strength the control of military observers in order to obtain timely information. We understand that the situation is extraordinary and it can change within a short period of time. However, so far we have not heard from the Moldovan side the desire to move in this direction, Belyakov summed up.

The dispute over the land in the Dubossary district arose as early as the end of July. The essence of the problem is that the Moldovan entrepreneur develops a quarry for the extraction of the sand-gravel mixture on the lands that belong to the Pridnestrovian garden partnership.

The entity, who carries out these works, acquired a land plot from the administration of the village Coșnița, temporarily under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, some of the lands allocated by Moldovan officials have been registered since 1988 with the garden partnership Dubossary Energy, located on the territory controlled by the PMR.

At the end of August, conflicts occurred at the site between local residents and representatives of the Moldovan firm.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR made a number of official statements and appeals at the diplomatic level. For its part, Moldova promised that land works would be suspended. The head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch referring to the position of Chisinau also assured that no action would be taken to build a quarry. However, the Moldovan side did not fulfil the guarantees, and in October the work on the career resumed.


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